Train Games: After the Final Ride

I'm watching the Bachelorette right now, so you're welcome for the reference in this blog title. 

We got home from #traingames2016 yesterday (Sunday), which means my clothes are half unpacked and half scattered on the floor and I had one question on my mind all day, "What day is it and what city am I in?" Fine. That's two questions.

In case we didn't use the words, "amazing, "incredible," "unforgettable" and "awesome" enough in our social media posts, then I should tell you that we LOVED this trip. It went from an admiration of someone else's trip... to dreaming about taking our own... to a reality. We couldn't be more grateful that every part of the trip (for the most part) went smoothly and we'd recommend you GO IMMEDIATELY.

Over and over again we had people tell us, "Oh, I've always wanted to do a trip like that!" YES, YOU SHOULD DO THAT. Plan the time. Save the money. Turn off your email. Take the trip.

Just for fun, we've written out some of our highlights (or low points) from the trip. Thanks again for following along with the adventure! Cheers to #traingames2016. If only we had the airbrush t-shirt to commemorate it all. 


Favorite City We Visited

  • Boatman: San Francisco
  • Caroline: San Francisco
  • Richards: Denver

Favorite Train Route

  • Boatman: Salt Lake to Denver
  • Caroline: Salt Lake to Denver
  • Richards: Salt Lake to Denver

Favorite Thing You Ate on the Train

  • Boatman: Crab cakes (shocking, I know)
  • Caroline: Cheeseburger
  • Richards: French toast

Least Favorite Thing You Ate on the Train

  • Boatman: Scrambled eggs
  • Caroline: Breakfast potatoes
  • Richards: The microwaved hamburger

Favorite Character

  • Boatman: Favorite Staffer (The dining car attendant from San Fran to SLC. The best.)
  • Caroline: Arian (Our San Fran Lyft driver who was a total burnout + dropped the F bomb about 44 times)
  • Richards: Mildred (our precious, 80-year-old, British tour guide at the LDS offices in Salt Lake City)

Would You Recommend this Trip to Someone Else?

  • Yes from all around.

What Would You Do Differently?

  • Boatman: Spend more time in the observation car.
  • Caroline: Skip Salt Lake City.
  • Richards: Split from the group during meals to meet even more new people.

Would You Go on Another Train Trip?

I'll let the extra pictures speak for themselves.