Train Games: San Francisco

The adventure began on Friday morning at 8:30a.m. and was kicked off with an unexpected flight delay. This wouldn't have been a big deal except we already had a really tight connection in St. Louis and the delay meant we had zero time to get from flight 1 to flight 2. Thankfully, the majority of the people on our plane had a connection to make in St. Louis, so they held our plane. Despite Southwest's kind gesture, it still made for a dramatic hustle situation from our gate to the next one. We were the last to board, but we made it just in time. 

 We made it to San Fran. Bookbags and all.

We made it to San Fran. Bookbags and all.

We grabbed a Lyft from the airport to our hotel and quickly realized that we were STARVING. By this time it was 1pm in California and 3pm back at home and we had skipped both breakfast and lunch. We found an In N' Out Burger down the street from our hotel and spent 10 minutes talking about how it was the best meal we had ever eaten (we were just that hangry).

After exploring Fisherman's Wharf a bit (should I mention we needed a sweater for this?), we went back to our hotel for a break. While we intended to just stop by the hotel and re-group, we ended up taking naps (WE ARE OLD). None of us had gotten much sleep the night before we left for the trip and by 5:00p.m. PST (8:00p.m. at home), we were DONE. We napped and then walked to get sushi around 7:00p.m (always a solid decision). We finished out the night by sitting by a fire outside our hotel and then went to bed early. 

On Saturday we were wide awake at 6:30a.m PST, BUT we were well rested and ready to go. It's amazing what sleep will do :) We headed out to Black Point Cafe (thanks for the rec, Cheryl!) and enjoyed lavender lattes and breakfast while staring at the view you see above. Let's also talk about the weather. It was in the 60s all day and there was not a cloud in the sky. San Francisco was GORGEOUS. 

After breakfast, we made our way to Muir Woods. This was a bit of a process--longer than we anticipated--but so worth it. We took a Lyft over the Golden Gate Bridge and ended up at a shuttle in Sausalito. It was a 45 minute wait at the shuttle and then a 30 minute ride to the woods. The ride was CURVY and meant we were a woozy when we arrived (praying that's not how we feel on the train), but the forest was beautiful. We agreed it would be a blast to spend a whole day there hiking, but you know, we have a train to catch.

I should also mention that while in the woods, Richards accidentally broke the selfie stick. My only regret in life is not getting a picture of her face when it happened. You should know that strangers stopped to console her.

We ended up back in Sausalito after the woods and we fell in love with it. The city was PACKED, but we found ourselves at a pizzeria for lunch and sat and overlooked the water. Of course, we took advantage of the scenery and took more pics. I'm pretty sure the words, "This is the best decision we've made in a long time," came out of our mouths.

Late afternoon, we made our way back to San Francisco, but this time by ferry. The views were pretty amazing and the weather continued to be top notch. It was a cheap way to get back to our hotel + see the bay and the ever-famous Golden Gate Bridge.

 Not windy at all.

Not windy at all.

We were pretty determined to actually walk on the bridge (why not?!), so we hung at the hotel a bit and waited for just the right time to make it to Golden Gate at sunset. It was surprisingly chilly (or maybe we shouldn't have been surprised) but the views didn't disappoint. I sang the theme song to Full House all the way across.

It was an awesome day! 

Sunday morning at 9:00a.m we climb aboard the California Zephyr and head to Salt Lake City! We've got our snacks our entertainment and our outfits picked out (it includes yoga pants--to no ones surprise). And don't worry, we stopped by Walgreens and bought Richards a new selfie stick. #priorities

New post coming when we get to Salt Lake (well, after a nap. We arrive at 3:30a.m.)!


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