6 Reasons Why I Am Not a Savvy Traveler

I travel a good bit these days. Sometimes for work, sometimes for fun. 

I am always game for an adventure, but I can't say I'm the most savvy when it comes to strategic travel plans. I'll be good company, but don't count on me to be the trip navigator. If you're looking for a good playlist for the plane or car, though, I'm your girl. I find way too much joy in being the road trip deejay.

Here are a few other reasons why I'm not a savvy traveler:

1) If I am able to check a bag for free (thank you Southwest), I will do it. A girl has the right to pack her full bottle of shampoo and not be harassed about it. I do not care if our trip is only 1 night. I want my beauty products. 

2) I don't do public transportation alone. I would like to think I could navigate the New York subway system by myself, however I don't have a lot of faith that I would end up in the correct destination. Every time I've been to New York, I've been with other people who jump on all over the navigator role and let me sit back and follow. This is also called the Baby of the Family Syndrome. You people tell me where to go and where to be.

3) I have never conquered the Southwest check-in process. You will forever find me in the B grouping with an occasional appearance in C class. When you end up in C class you may as well have booked your ticket at the bottom of the Titanic with Jack.

4) I never have the right cords. Can I get a witness on this one? I may have an hour to get some work done on the plane. I pull out my laptop and discover I didn't bring the power cord and my laptop is dead. Let's also give a shout-out to the "Find An Open Outlet" game in the terminal. You find yourself on that unexpected long layover with a phone at 10% and that eye twitch sets in. You want to talk about Hunger Games?!

5) I never know when or how much to tip. The door man at the hotel? Uber driver? The valet that the hotel made me pay for? Listen, I always air on the side of tipping. I'm not a grinch, BUT when I'm running through the lobby at 6am to make an early flight, I'm all frazzled when the guy brings my car around. How much?

6) I am a one stop stickler on a road trip. This may actually prove I'm savvy, but road trip companions aren't too thrilled when they don't follow my same rules. Every stop must be maximized: get your gas, go to the restroom, get your food and your snacks for later. Be careful how much water and coffee you drink the car. I'm not stopping again.

I leave at 6:50am tomorrow morning for a long weekend in NYC with 2 of my best friends. I haven't seen them in MONTHS, so I'm pumped. I've fought against SnapChat for YEARS, but these friends are all about some snapping. I'm jumping on the bandwagon this weekend. If you want to follow along with my non-savvy self in NYC this weekend, you can find me under the username: katyboat. I asked my high school friends for permission to use SnapChat. They said it was ok, but I'm pretty sure they're planning to jump ship.



Source: http://katywrote.com