My Fear of Missing Out on Easter

I am the queen of good intentions. 

The trouble with all my "planning to do this," and "desire to do that" is I walk away leaving a lot of those well wishes on the table. Intentions with no follow through.

Every year when Easter rolls around, I want to do a better job at acknowledging and celebrating what it is we're actually gathering on Sunday to talk about. Even using the word "job" in that sentence feels like I'm turning Easter into another thing on my check list instead of a mark on my heart.

The events of this weekend - the death, the resurrection, and the life of our Savior CHANGED EVERYTHING.

When Jesus gave His life to save mine, I went from broken to whole. When they put his beaten body in a tomb and the world went dark, God knew that light would overcome. And when Jesus walked out of the tomb three days later, He showed us all that death no longer had a place to stand.

Despite all of it, my intentions for acknowledging the truth of Easter have turned into figuring out what to wear on Sunday and what to eat for brunch.

I made it 4 days through the devotional series during Lent.

Just 4.

So, as this Holy weekend begins and my intentions sit on the table, my heart cries out for the God who changed it all. 

I don't want to miss it.

I stood in front 100 teenage girls two weekends ago and we all talked about the fact that God says we are worth it. And forgiven. And redeemed. 

None of that rings true without the events of this weekend. And I don't want to miss it.

May I not ignore the entire purpose of celebrating, because my wandering heart is still looking at the table instead of the empty tomb.

May the realization and recognition of the cross forever bring me to my knees.

"With every breath, with every word I speak

With every word, with every heartbeat

Jesus, let it be for You, for you only

My whole life, all for Your glory."

"I Trust is All" Brett Stanfill