A Few Words on Adulting

1. I wear daily contacts, which means at the end of each day I throw away the pair I'm wearing and open a new pair the following morning. I've been re-using my last pair for about a month because I don't feel like spending the money on more boxes, yet I just dropped a pretty penny on another pair of my favorite jeans. I wear those daily too, people. Priorities.


2. I'm starting Whole30 tomorrow, which means today I feel the need to eat everything in my pantry that's not Whole30 approved. I'm pretty sure that's how this thing works.


3. As a kid "clean clothes" meant clothes that my Mom has just finished washing and returned to my closet. As a 29-year-old, "clean clothes" means clothes that do not smell or appear to have been worn before. (Please ask my Mom how she feels about this.)


4. I'm going on a cruise at the end of February, so naturally all my shopping lists for the month include things like self-tanner and razors and Dramamine. 


5. Note that said cruise at the end of February starts on the 26th, so said Whole30 diet is now my Whole26 diet. Staying on the Whole30 plan while on a cruise would be sacrilegious.


6. I think it's super responsible and courteous to respond on time to party invitations. I check my mail once a week and sometimes once every other week. Last week, I opened a invitation to a wedding shower that was taking place the next day. In another state. Clearly I didn't go or respond in time. Listen, the mailbox is 4 floors away and the mail key is in a drawer in my kitchen. It's a hard life.


7. In a city that is high on life and low on parking, the valet guys rule the world. The root of the problem for the residents? Having cash on hand. On New Years Eve, I had 3 people in my car and we pulled up to a restaurant where I shouted, "Guys, we're valeting because I have cash and we're fancy!" They cheered and shouted they all had cash too. We then high-fived and considered it a New Years miracle.




Source: http://katywrote.com