Top 5 Best Life Decisions I've Ever Made

Listen. I'm in this year of 29 which makes me feel like I need to evaluate my 20s and life up to this point and start planning for my 30s. It's like a bridge year. Here, woman, stand on this bridge and look behind you and ahead of you and figure out what you need to bring along. If you'd like to picture my bridge as one of those wooden types- the kind that's held together by skinny slabs of wood and some rope, that's great. Because that's exactly what 29 feels like. Confident enough to know where to place my feet, but wobbly enough to know it's scary. 

Before the obnoxious kid shows up to start bouncing on the end of my bridge, I want to reminisce together about some life choices in my 20s. These have been some of the best years. Truly. Maybe these things are why...


#5: Living on top of a Mexican restaurant.

There really is no explanation needed here. 1-800-QUESO.

#4: Spending my 21st Birthday at Disney World.

I brought 5 friends with me. It was magical and I wouldn't change that trip for the WORLD (see what I did there?).

#3: Hiking Poo Poo Point outside of Seattle.

You think I'm kidding. I could not stop making comments about the scenery and saying the words, "poo poo." 

#2: Singing karaoke in a trailer that's wrapped in Christmas lights and run by Santa.

Nashville, you know this. Tell me there's no better place than Santa's Pub to sing "Don't Stop Believing."

#1: Taking a spontaneous trip to the beach.

It was 4th of July weekend of this past year and at 9pm I looked at my friends and just threw out the out question, "What if we drove to the beach tonight?" We were packed and in the car by 10pm. Grateful to have friends that see my crazy and affirm it.

You thought I was going to say some really monumental stuff, didn't you? But really, guys. Being in walking distance of some queso IS monumental.