Sign Me Up for Cookies

There's a type of person I just don't understand. I have mad respect for this kind of person, though, I really do. I wish I was them.

I'm talking about the person that has greeting cards on hand, mails a gift to promptly arrive on receiver's exact birthday, always has a stash of tissue paper and gift bags stuffed away for every occasion. I know these people. They're good ones. When asked to provide snacks for community group, they've got the perfect, easy recipe and just the right tray to bring it on. If last minute plans come up and friends are coming over, they usually have some kind of snack or drink to provide, because they always keep something on hand (for these kind of things).

Let me tell you about the opposite of these people: me.

This is where I make my momma so proud (she's one of the people as described above). 

Let's say I'm going to a baby shower. My normal is to leave for baby shower 30 minutes early in order to stop by Target and buy a gift on the way. I will arrive to then have to remember to go print out the gift registry and find myself sorting through the random options left on the list, because I'm buying it 30 minutes before the shower. Once I've grabbed some bottles and a onesie, I proceed to the gift wrapping aisle to grab tissue paper and a gift bag, because having that stuff on hand would mean Jesus is about to return. My other option, when I lived 5 minutes from my sister-in-law, was to "shop" through her closet of gift bags, because family is always there in a time of need (please send tissue paper). From there, you can watch me attempt to wrap the gift at every stop light between Target and the shower and follow it up by a prompt panic attack when I arrive to shower and realize I didn't get a card. You can find me raising my hand during gift opening time yelling, "That's from me!" and drawing the unwanted attention to myself while the mom-to-be searches for the gift receipt in my bag, which has no chance of being found (my mother is currently weeping).

Snacks for community group? Sure! I'll bring cookies. And when I walk in with a lovely silver tin with two dozen sugar cookies (with sprinkles on top), you will marvel at them and ask, "Wow! Did you make those?" I will then lean into the truths I was taught that week at church about vulnerability and say "Nope. Truth is, they were purchased on the way, but I at least took them out of the plastic container and put them in this tin to make it appear like I didn't buy them 5 minutes ago."

We all have our strengths.