Katy is lover of Jesus, music, Mexican food, and funny people.  She is a writer, speaker, and advocate for the next generation. If you ask Katy what gets her fired up, it's letting teenagers know they matter, reminding 20-somethings there is more to the "20's season" than finding a mate, and overall letting her people know it's ok to not have it all together.

Katy spent 8 years in the publishing industry working in sales and marketing roles for both Harper Collins Christian and LifeWay and currently works in student ministry.

She's never met a cheesecake she doesn't like, and she fully believes chocolate fountains should instead be filled with queso.  She's quiet, but not shy; tall, but not mighty; and laid-back, but not lazy.  Katy thinks any musical performance is made better by a back-up gospel choir in robes, she listens to Broadway shows while she works, and she really wishes she could play the drums.

Katy majored in “Talking Out Loud” in college (a B.A. in Rhetoric), and hails from the home of the Masters golf tournament.  She moved to Nashville, TN in May 2009.